About Ann

I am a state licensed mental health counselor.  This means that I obtained a Masters degree in Psychology in 1999 and was under the supervision of another licensed counselor and completed 3000 hours of face-to-face contact with clients.  This took about three years.  I have a history of working with adults, children, and families.  I soon discovered my strengths and passion gravitated towards working with teens and adults that struggled with anxiety, depression, and trauma.  After 7 years of working at a community mental health center, I moved to Port Townsend in 2005.  I took some time off to begin a family and then provided therapy for a local domestic violence and sexual assault center.  I worked there for three years and concentrated on helping those discover healthy relationships and how to recover from unhealthy relationships.

In October 2010, I decided to go into private practice, which has always been my dream.  As a Port Townsend counselor, I have been following my dream ever since.  

How am I as a person and your therapist?

Previous clients have told me that I listen and attempt to guide and teach new ways of thinking during the session.  I communicate directly, yet there is a gentleness.  No matter, how silly, irritating, horrible, humiliating, or etc, your struggles are, they are REAL to you.  Practicing being non-judgmental, is not only what I teach my client’s frequently, but also practice myself.  Humor helps us look at our and others behaviors in a new light.  Mostly, I strive for my clients to leave my office feeling that they are valued, respected, and worthy of success, love, personal strength, and compassion.


For your journey with me to begin, you will need to make the first step by contacting me.  Here is how:

Phone:  360-301-6318

Email:  [email protected] (if you leave your phone number, I will be happy to call you)

Or complete this form below:





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